uHandy Microscope Product Review- Teacher's Kit (upgraded to Lite and Pro Kits)

By Science Lessons That Rock


"I have tried multiple brands and have never been satisfied with the quality.... nothing even came close to what a compound microscope could do. But along came the uHandy pocket microscope and I've been pleasantly surprised at its capabilities!"


The teaching tips you would learn from this post:
- Step-by-step guidance of setting up the uHandy Microscope - Teacher's Kit.
- How to avoid dealing with broken cover slips.
- How to view prepared slides with the uHandy Microscope.
- The pros and cons of uHandy Microscope - Teacher's Kit.



          Read full article here: uHandy Pocket Microscope Review


          The review article was part of an exchange for a product. uHandy Microscope partners with enthusiastic science educators who love sharing tips and giving back to teachers' community.