uHandy Microscope Product Review- Teacher's Kit

uHandy Microscope Product Review- Teacher's Kit

By Science Lessons That Rock

"I have tried multiple brands and have never been satisfied with the quality.... nothing even came close to what a compound microscope could do. But along came the uHandy pocket microscope and I've been pleasantly surprised at its capabilities!"

The teaching tips you would learn from this post:

  • Step-by-step guidance of setting up the uHandy Microscope - Teacher's Kit.
  • How to avoid dealing with broken cover slips.
  • How to view prepared slides with the uHandy Microscope.
  • The pros and cons of uHandy Microscope - Teacher's Kit.

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The review article was part of an exchange for a product. uHandy Microscope partners with enthusiastic science educators who love sharing tips and giving back to teachers' community.