With uHandy

  • Broaden Your View, Deepen Your Vision

    uHandy revolutionizes microscopy, making hidden details accessible with user-friendly operation. Explore the unseen, ignite curiosity, and inspire anytime. A microscope as simple as a photo studio, yet potent as a mobile micro-laboratory.


Brand Story

At National Taiwan University, alumni and scholars embarked on a mission. Originally focused on decoding cells and fertility, their journey led to uHandy—an emblem of science education innovation.Driven by unyielding curiosity, these visionaries aimed to offer children a second pair of eye—to explore the microcosm. Thus, uHandy Mobile Microscope was conceived, bridging the unseen and the curious.


Easier to See, Easier to Perceive

uHandy is a legacy that urges us all to embrace the unknown, champion curiosity, and journey into the microscopic realm. Join us in unravelling the universe's secrets, one microscopic adventure at a time!


Equip the Crucial Capability

Early scientists unlocked microscopic secrets, driving modern technology. Now, uHandy merges portability with microscopy for seamless exploration of both realms. Empowering not only experts but anyone, it unveils mysteries and enhances problem-solving. The "Micro Lab" concept elevates the microscope's meaning beyond a simple apparatus.