uHandy Pro Science Kit

Hi-mag Pro Lens:
45-270x magnification
Digital zoom to 1350x or higher

uHandy Pro Science Kit

The uHandy Pro Science Kit is a powerful, portable, and versatile microscope designed to add on to a tablet/phone and bring laboratory-grade microscopic observation to your fingertips.

  • Sub-micron Resolution
    2023's Hi-Mag Pro lens enhances smartphone camera compatibility with sub-micron resolution (0.7 um on iPad mini 6), increased magnification, and adjustable focus.
  • Adjustable Focusing
    Hi-Mag Pro enables precise sample examination with a rotating focus adjustment, eliminating the need for perfectly flat samples. The uHandy App offers both auto and manual focus for fine-tuning the focal plane.
  • Meet Curricula
    Hi-Mag Pro's upgrades make it suitable for 6-12th grade biology curricula, covering plants, animals, micro-animals, fungi, protists, and some bacteria. It's also versatile for aiding experiments in various science topics.
  • Easier and Safer
    uHandy offers optical-grade stickers instead of fragile glass cover slips for secure and user-friendly sample handling.

Usage Scenario

  • Primarily biological specimens including plants, animals, insect part, fungi, protists, and some bacteria.

    Observing some physics and chemistry experiments: capillary effect, re-dox for two chemicals in a microscopic scale.

    Applicable for K-12 (primarily 6-12) science teachers, students, homeschoolers, or just a hobbyist of minuscule world.

    Other subjects - Biology, microbiology, biotechnology, biochemistry, chemistry, environmental science, etc.

    Anything you're curious about in your daily life - starch components in a banana, the pond life in your backyard, the barbed spines on cobblers pegs.