uHandy Lite Starter Kit

Lo-mag Lens:
10-60x magnification
Digital zoom to 300x or higher

uHandy Lite Starter Kit

Introducing the uHandy Lite Starter Kit – a gateway to the mesmerizing microcosmic world that fits right in the palm of your hand. Unleash the power of discovery with this high-powered portable microscope, magnifying the ordinary into the extraordinary.

  • Providently Simple
    Lo-Mag lens magnifies objects at one-third of an inch away, making it simple to use like a camera. It's designed for easy initial use and supports further exploration.
  • Controlled Focusing
    One of the key criteria to achieve high magnification is controlled focusing. uHandy has more than 50 worldwide patents to resolve challenges on mobile platforms and deliver sound magnification.
  • Seeing Micro-animals
    Equip mini sample dish for housing aquatic or terrestrial micro-animals. Easy to load it and get it focused at the same time. And viewing both the dorsal and ventral sides of a sample is possible. 
  • Add-on Lighting
    Edge-lit ring light to enhance surface texture and contrast, and bring out more vivid details.

Usage Scenario

  • Applicable with almost all samples - from land to water, and from non-biological to living samples as long as the specimen can be loaded on the lens platform.

    For use with various K-8 science curricula including environmental science, forensic science, etc.

    Grade 9-12 chemistry, physics, etc.

    Anything you're curious about in your daily life - Weaving patterns of your cloths, anti-counterfeit designs on banknotes, etc.

    Not limited to science teachers and students, but also homeschoolers, or just a hobbyist of minuscule world.