uHandy Lite Starter Kit

Lo-mag Lens:
10-60x magnification
Digital zoom to 300x or higher

Unleash the power of discovery and magnify the ordinary into the extraordinary

A gateway to the mesmerizing microcosmic world that fits right in the palm of your hand.

  • Illuminate the unseen
    Comparable to 60X conventional images of objects as tiny as 3.6μm immersing you in a world of precision and detail.
  • Effortless engagement
    With seamless compatibility with most smartphones and tablets, attaching uHandy to your device's camera lens is as intuitive as capturing a photo.
  • Empower your exploration
    A range of accessories and portable tools break the constraints of time and space, igniting a realm of boundless curiosity and discovery.
  • Discover the sublime
    From aquatic to terrestrial creatures, the mini-creatures that inhabit our world take center stage with the uHandy starter kit.

What can you do with uHandy Lite

  • Applicable with almost all samples - from land to water, and from non-biological to living samples as long as the specimen can be loaded on the lens platform.

    For use with various K-8 science curricula including environmental science, forensic science, etc.

    Grade 9-12 chemistry, physics, etc.

    Anything you're curious about in your daily life - Weaving patterns of your cloths, anti-counterfeit designs on banknotes, etc.

    Not limited to science teachers and students, but also homeschoolers, or just a hobbyist of minuscule world.

  • Lo-mag lens
    Unveils clear images of objects as tiny as 3.6μm, immersing you in a world of precision and detail.
  • Extension stage
    Allows a wide range of scientific observation with the use of conventional petri dishes.
  • Sampling stickers
    Includes optical-grade stickers that replace traditional cover slips with ease and safety.
  • uHandy ziplocks
    Offers you alternative ways to store and observe your 3D samples.
  • Storage bag
    Facilitates your outdoor microscopic experience. No need to worry where to put your uHandy.
  • Handy tools
    That kit comes with handy tools that expands it range observation functions.