Wash your Hands before Meals!!! Toast Mold under the Microscope

The hot and humid climate of certain regions in the states creates the perfect breeding ground for mold. But have you ever wondered why mold grow even on well-kept items? The answer lies in their ever-present spores.


Mold spores are everywhere, even on our bodies to some extent. We wash them away during our daily routines. In the right conditions, these spores develop into hyphae, much like how mushrooms sprout in damp environment. (both molds and mushrooms belong to the fungi kingdom!)


To observe mold, start by finding something already moldy! If you don’t have anything moldy on hand, a touch of brea before washing hands, sealed afterward, will make you some. After a week or two, you can witness the mold’s growth. This is why washing you hands before meals is so important!

During observation, ensure you wear a mask and gloves. Also, after the observation, thoroughly wash your hands with soap to eliminate any mold residue. 


Equipment Used: Lo-Mag Lens, Hi-mag Pro lens, sampling stickers

Difficulty: ★★★★★ (Requires preparation of mold samples, which is challenging. Remember to wear a mask and gloves!)


How to Observe:

Removing the mini petri dish of the lo-mag lens, closely examine the spore sacs and hyphae. If it’s sealed bread, observing through the plastic bag is recommended.


For a hi-mag pro observation, open the sealed bag, collect the mold’s hyphae, place them of the circular slide, and cover it with a sampling sticker. You can now explore the hyphae under the hi-mag pro lens.


Keep in mind, while alcohol can disinfect and sterilize, it doesn’t destroy spores. Simply spraying alcohol on your hands won’t be effective. After the experiment, washing you hands with soap is HIGHLY recommended!!