4 Most Popular Features

Easy and Professional for Everyday Use

  • Designated Focal Plane
    Get clear image instantly!
  • Easy Sampling
    Collecting, observing and storing a sample with one sticker.
  • Lab-Grade Resolution
    Mobile, compact while retaining performance.
  • Intuitive Scanning
    Move the sample as if you are holding it on your hand.
  • Highly Recommended by Teachers and Parents

    5 Star Reviews

  • I work as a science tutor and had been looking for a decent smart phone microscope for several years - literally. I have tried all sorts including making my own. This product stands out an arm and leg in front of anything else I have tried.

    Well thought out design. i got this as a mobile setup for hobby microscope photography on the go and actually with a good phone camera i got better quality photos and videos than my actual compound microscope (for reasonable magnification).

    This kit has surprisingly good quality. Especially for the hi-magnification one. Overall, these lenses have cell level resolution that you can see some large cell.

    My son loves it and spends the whole time with it after receiving it! Very easy for kids to use! Thus, I get another one for my nephew.

    This microscope kit is absolutely unbelievable! Great step by step instructions for set up via the app! Wonderful customer service! You will not be disappointed! A fraction of the price of large microscopes that you cannot take with you easily. With this we can take it on nature walks and look at anything right away on my phone or iPad. So easy to use! We love it!

    My daughter really likes this Mobile Microscope. She assembled all whole set by herself. She even found very tiny thing to see under the microscope. This is a good product to recommend.


Pro Science Kit

Higher level microscope explorations

Lite Starter Kit

Accessible entry for all ages


Sampling Stickers, Sample Hubs, etc.