Glow Getter's Guide: Unmasking the Magic of Mica in Makeup

Ever wondered what your makeup looks like on a whole new level? Well, hang on to your makeup brushes because I was on a mission to unravel the microscopic mysteries of eyeshadows and blushes! 



Let's dive into the world of eyeshadows! They usually come in two main categories: matte and shimmery. First up, let's zoom in on those 'shimmery' eyeshadows under the microscope. What we discover are these incredibly tiny, glittering particles. My hunch is that these glitters in shades like pink, green, and blue are the secret sauce behind that captivating shimmer. It's quite likely that they're 'mica.' And it's not just eyeshadows; you can spot mica in blushes and highlighters too.

On the other hand, when I examined matte eyeshadows, I couldn't find those minuscule glitters we saw in the shimmery ones. They appear a bit more subdued, almost like a cluster of imperfections.


How to observe:

☀️ Hi-Mag Pro lens Difficulty: ★★★★☆

Procedure: Start by touching the eyeshadow with your finger and gently remove some powder on a tissue (this step is to remove excess eyeshadow). Then, observe by dabbing the eyeshadow on your finger and examining it.

Key Observation Features: Check if shimmery eyeshadows reveal tiny glitters. I happened to have a small eyeshadow palette at hand, so I decided to observe all of them.