uHandy Mobile Microscope Duet

uHandy Mobile Microscope Duet

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What is uHandy Duet?

A lab-grade microscope experience built onto your palm. 

For homeschoolers, parents & kids, or enthusiasts who love hands-on explorations. 


A Broader and Deeper Vision

uHandy Duet includes two lenses with different magnification and light sources. Utilizing the ambient light, Lo-Mag Lens is great for observing textures. Hi-Mag Lens, with an active light source built in, is suitable for detailed structures of thin samples. With the toolkit and accessories in the kit, microscopic exploration is now easy and powerful.

For What Kind of Scenario?

1. Homeschooling or Self Learning 

2. Outdoor Explorations

3. Science Discoveries

...You name it!



Experiences You Will Get

  • Capture your new discovery and share it with  friends anytime anywhere. Microscopy is not just an one-eye experience anymore!
  • Super easy to set up with your tablet/smartphone, and extremely intuitive to use.
  • Sampling is no sweat and safe with the patented Sample Stickers, a lifesaver when keeping specimens for future review is needed.
  • Workable on water samples - daphnia (water fleas), paramecium, chemicals, you name it!

Inside the Kit

1. Hi-Mag Lens

2. Light Stage

3. Circular Slide

4. Slide Holder

5. Quick Clip (for Hi-Mag Lens)

6. Lo-Mag Lens

7. Sample Caps ×3

8. Sampling Stickers

9. Sample Hubs

10. Collecting Album

11. Toolkit

12. Drawstring Bag

13. Sample Card (with 3 samples)

Resolution Spec


Lo-Mag Lens

Hi-Mag Lens

Resolutionaround 3.6µm or 167 line pairs/mmaround 1.2µm or 500 line pairs/mm
Magnificationoptimized for 10x~120x, maximum*300xoptimized for 30x~360x, maximum*800~1000x
Often used forobserving an object's surface textureseeing through structural details
Field of view5mm in diameter, equivalent to conventional optical microscope (OM) 40x magnification1mm in diameter, equivalent to conventional optical microscope (OM) 200x magnification

Size & Battery

  • Size and Weight


Hi-Mag Lens: 55mm × 45mm × 30mm
Light Stage: diameter 55mm, height 25mm
Weight: 70g

Lo-Mag Lens (with Sample Cap): 70mm × 30mm × 28mm
Weight: 11g




  • Battery and Power


Battery: LR44 × 2
Voltage: 3V
Battery Life: 48 hours
* Lo-Mag Lens works without batteries.


Customer Reviews

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Means to Inspiration

4 Popular Features


A Designated Focal Plane

Get clear image instantly!


Easy Sampling

Collecting, observing and storing a sample with one sticker.


Lab-Grade Resolution

Mobile, compact while retaining performance.


Intuitive Scanning

Move the sample as if you are holding it on your hand.

World Recognitions

US Department of Agriculture

AgDiscovery is a program affiliated to US Dept. of Agriculture. Middle or high schoolers gain a first-hand look at career paths related to agricultural sciences through this program. uHandy is an indispensable part incorporated to the class design.

Texas Homeschool Convention

uHandy offers the microscopic ability that is only accessible by students on campus. It's a great fit for kids to learn through hands-on experience back at home and outdoors. That's why they are excited to use uHandy.

Science Classroom for Educational Community!

uHandy team was invited by CANVAS, an educational NPO, to instruct the K-12 kids and their parents on campus of the University of Tokyo. They were impressed by all the photomicrographs and enjoyed time spending with the uHandy team.

Steve Mould,
a Science Program Presenter

I filmed all the microscope stuff (in this video) on my phone using"uHandy". I really like it. It's really good.

Highly Recommended by Teachers and Parents

If you are homeschooling, love inquiry based learning, I would highly recommend it. It truly is research having fun.

Jen, a Mom of 6 homeschool kids

You know how much I love uHandy, their microscopes and all of their products. And we're still using them in schools.

Ms. Evelyn, a freelance Science educator

Hi-Mag Lens Resolution is comparable to a professional desktop microscope.

5-Star Ratings from Amazon

This kit has surprisingly good quality especially for the hi-mag one. It came with some tools that help me make own samples. I collected the pollen and the epidermal cells and carry the low-mag one with me and shot some pictures for the plant. ...I thought kids would have a lot of fun on it.


This kit is absolutely unbelievable! You will not be disappointed! A fraction of the price of large microscopes that you cannot take with you easily. With this we can take it on nature walks and look at anything right away on my phone or iPad. So easy to use! We love it!


I accidentally came across this portable microscope. It DOES blow me away. The microscope is just so easy to mount and use. You can save the time of those complex tuning.


The packaging for the product was extremely appealing. It came safe and earlier than expected, even with customs delay. …Overall, extremely satisfied with the products.


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