uHandy for Educators - Classroom Kit
uHandy for Educators - Classroom Kit
uHandy for Educators - Classroom Kit

uHandy for Educators - Classroom Kit

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What is Classroom Kit?

A Lab-Grade Microscope Suitable for Both In-Person and Distance Learning.

One of the ''uHandy for Educators'' series, Classroom Kit is a right fit when hands-on activities are needed  for a group of students. It is designed for the whole class, not restricted to students but can be applied to any kind of workshops.

For What Kind of Scenario?

Any hands-on activity for multiple people, for example

1. School classes

2. STEM workshops

3. Coaching & any educational trainings

4. You name it!

Experiences You Will Get

1. Active Learning & Student Engagement 

Classroom Kit enhance the lesson dynamics because students  can now learn with their ears, eyes and hands.


2. Efficient Classroom Organization

Easy to carry and distribute. Every student may carry one MicroLab in different settings. Take only the parts needed and stack the MicroLab aside for a spacious work area.

Inside the Kit

Resolution Spec


Lo-Mag Lens

Hi-Mag Lens

Resolutionaround 3.6μm or 167 line pairs/mmaround 1.2μm or 500 line pairs/mm
Magnificationoptimized for 10x~120x, maximum*300xoptimized for 30x~360x, maximum*800~1000x
Often used forobserving an object's surface textureseeing through structural details
Field of view5mm in diameter, equivalent to conventional optical microscope (OM) 40x magnification1mm in diameter, equivalent to conventional optical microscope (OM) 200x magnification

Size & Battery

  • Size and Weight


Hi-Mag Lens: 55mm × 45mm × 30mm
Light Stage: diameter 55mm, height 25mm
Weight: 70g

Lo-Mag Lens (with Sample Cap): 70mm × 30mm × 28mm
Weight: 11g




  • Battery and Power


Battery: LR44 × 2
Voltage: 3V
Battery Life: 48 hours
* Lo-Mag Lens works without batteries.



If you are a TEACHER and have been looking for something EASIER, FASTER and SAFER for your next biology class...

By installing uHandy on an iPad, you can

1. Easily livestream the microscopic images in distance learning.

2. Apply simple hands-on activities during the class, without running back and forth between the classroom and the lab.

This will not only save your time, but also enhance the lesson dynamics because students can now learn with their ears, eyes and hands.

When going virtual becomes necessary.. 

uHandy helps you lead students to see the microscopic world through distance learning!

uHandy helps you with

Your Best Choice for Homeschooling and Distance learning

1. Instead of practicing the complex preparations before class, you can start your experiment right away after clipping the lens on your tablet. It is easier for the teacher and the students, and it saves a lot of time.

2. Students are more invested and learn more in the class with hands-on activities blended with lecturing. You can teach a subject and perform some fun experiments right away, while the memories of the subject are still fresh and clear.

3. All the microscopic images are digital and shareable, so it’s perfect for distance learning and in-person discussion.

How Does uHandy Help Teachers with Experiment Demos?

Check out the Metal Reduction & Oxidation Experiments we conducted with uHandy!👇

The Mysterious Alchemy

Metal Reduction & Oxidation

Onion Epidermal Cell Experiment

Watch Full Video

the X File of Tadpoles

Watch Full Video

4 Popular Features

Just for Your Class!


A Designated Focal Plane

Get clear image instantly!


Easy Sampling

Collecting, observing and storing a sample with one sticker.


Lab-Grade Resolution

Mobile, compact while retaining performance.


Intuitive Scanning

Move the sample as if you are holding it on your hand.

Steve Mould,
a Science Program Presenter

I filmed all the microscope stuff (in this video) on my phone using"uHandy". I really like it. It's really good.

Highly Recommended by Teachers and Parents

If you are homeschooling, love inquiry based learning, I would highly recommend it. It truly is research having fun.

Jen, a Mom of 6 homeschool kids

You know how much I love uHandy, their microscopes and all of their products. And we're still using them in schools.

Ms. Evelyn, a freelance Science educator

World Recognitions

Maker Faire

The Maker Faire is a gathering of fascinating, curious people who enjoy learning and who love sharing what they can do. It's a venue for makers to show examples of their work and interact with others about it.

Bett Show

The British Educational Training and Technology Show is a global series of education shows organised by Hyve Group marketing information technology in education

Canvas Workshop

uHandy team was invited by CANVAS, an educational NPO, to instruct the K-12 kids and their parents on campus of the University of Tokyo. They were impressed by all the photomicrographs and enjoyed time spending with the uHandy team.

Common Sense Selection

The Common Sense seal program recognizes outstanding media with an official seal for quality and impact. Common Sense Selections for Learning are best-in-class media resources and tools that facilitate great learning experiences for students and educators.

Good Design Award

The Good Design Award is a movement aimed at enriching our lives and society through design. Since the foundation in 1957, it has been commonly known together with the "G Mark", the symbol of winning the award.

Texas Homeschool Convention

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Hi-Mag Lens Resolution is comparable to a professional desktop microscope.

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Self Users / Homeschoolers

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5-Star Ratings from Amazon

This kit has surprisingly good quality especially for the hi-mag one. It came with some tools that help me make own samples. I collected the pollen and the epidermal cells and carry the low-mag one with me and shot some pictures for the plant. ...I thought kids would have a lot of fun on it.


This kit is absolutely unbelievable! You will not be disappointed! A fraction of the price of large microscopes that you cannot take with you easily. With this we can take it on nature walks and look at anything right away on my phone or iPad. So easy to use! We love it!


I accidentally came across this portable microscope. It DOES blow me away. The microscope is just so easy to mount and use. You can save the time of those complex tuning.


The packaging for the product was extremely appealing. It came safe and earlier than expected, even with customs delay. …Overall, extremely satisfied with the products.