Classroom Kit

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For Hands-on Activities with Multiple People
  • School classes
  • Workshops for future educators
  • Coaching & any educational trainings
  • You name it!
Experiences You Will Get
  • Active Learning & Student Engagement
    Classroom Kit enhance the lesson dynamics because students can now learn with their ears, eyes and hands.
  • Efficient Classroom Organization
    Easy to carry and distribute. Every student may carry one MicroLab in different settings. Take only the parts needed and stack the MicroLab aside for a spacious work area.
Product Details
  • 2 lens sets with different magnifications, 360 Sample Stickers, 90 Sample Hubs, full set of sampling tools
  • Resolution: Hi-Mag 1 µm / Lo-Mag 3µm.
  • Magnification: The maximum useful magnification is 1000x. Magnification within 10x~360x has the best effect. (The actual resolution depends on devices.)
  • Spare Consumables: 60mm Petri Dish*10, 35mm Petri Dish*10, Tweezer*10, Dropper*10, MicroLab Stand*10 (for all kinds of smartphone or tablet)

Inside the kit

10 Sets of MicroLab

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Included Accessories

Sample Stickers
270 pieces of Flat + 90 pieces of Bubble
Sample Hubs
120 pieces

60mm Petri Dish*10
35mm Petri Dish*10


MicroLab Stand*10
for all kinds of smartphone or tablet

A Lab-Grade Microscope
on Your Palm

A Mobile Microscope Kit for Your Science Classes

Suitable for Both In-Person and Distance Learning

One of the ''uHandy for Educators'' series, Classroom Kit is a right fit when hands-on activities are needed  for a group of students. It is designed for the whole class, not only applicable in schools but also in any kind of workshops.

Practical on Almost ALL Teaching Occasions

Easy Setup for Hybrid Learning

With just a few steps, you are now ready for an interactive science class!

Lab-Grade Microscopic Images

Lead observations of bees or any kind of insects, and live stream the images.

Work perfectly with Various Curricula

Get started with your own or a standard-aligned curriculum right away!


Science, Art, Education Everywhere


Do Labs in Your Science Classes

Easy Ways Observing Living Insects, Traditional Slides,
Conduct Chemical Experiments.. You Name It!


Sample Stickers

Micrography in the

Aquatic World

Switch between Lenses

Hi-Mag / Lo-Mag

Motivate Students
Creating WOW Moments

Share the wonder of the microscopic world

Recommended by School Teachers and STEM Educators

(Don't forget to check out their Instagram accounts/websites!)

6th Grade Science Teacher

Josie Bensko

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Recommended by

Science Lessons That Rock

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Simplify the Process of Exciting Observations

Designated Focal Plane

Get clear photomicrographs instantly

Safety Glass

Durable and safe for kids to handle

Intuitive Scanning

No more inverted images. Locate your sample on where you're going

Lab-Grade resolution

Comparable to a Professional Desktop Microscope!

Collecting Album

Collect, observe and store samples and make your own album with Sample Stickers.

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Is Classroom Kit with 10 sets of tools a bit too much?
If you're looking for a kit just for a teacher to demo in classes,
check out uHandy Teacher's Kit!


Teacher's Kit

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