Teacher's Kit
Teacher's Kit
Teacher's Kit
Teacher's Kit
Teacher's Kit
Teacher's Kit
Teacher's Kit
Teacher's Kit

Teacher's Kit

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Offer Efficient Help On
  • Demonstration in class, be it in-person, virtual, or any corner on campus
  • Curriculum preparations
Experiences You Will Get
  • Easier & Quicker
    Instead of practicing the complex setup steps before class, you can start your experiments right away after clipping the lens on your tablet. It is easier and time-saving for teachers and students to pick up.

  • Smarter & More Inspirational
    All the photomicrographs are digital and thus shareable. Therefore it’s perfect for both distance learning and in-person discussions. You can teach a subject and perform some fun experiments right away while the memories of the subject are still fresh and clear. That means students can invest time more on learning concepts per-se and on exploration with their hands.
    Technical Specifications

    Lo-Mag Set

    Hi-Mag Set

    Other Included Accessories/Consumables

    MicroLab Stand*1
    Compatible with almost all smartphones & tablets 
    (screen size at 4.7" to 11" in
    diagonal and width ranging from 6.7cm to 17.8cm)

    Sample Stickers 
    270 pieces of Flat
    + 90 pieces of Bubble
    Sample Hubs
    120 pieces 
    Collecting Album*1
    13*16cm with 30 pages

    Educational Materials
    3 booklets of hands-on activities
    Prepared Slides
    3 pieces of random samples 
    + 2 blank slides

    Microscope Lesson Plan

    Work perfectly with 
Various Science Curricula

    Free Download

    A Lab-Grade Microscope
    on Your Palm

    A Mobile Microscope Kit for Your Science Classes

    Practical on Almost ALL Teaching Occasions

    Classes or Workshops

    Virtual/Hybrid Settings

    Field Trips Outdoors


    Science education takes place Everywhere


    Do Labs in Your Science Classes

    Easy Ways Observing Living Insects, Traditional Slides,
    Conduct Chemical Experiments.. You Name It!


    Sample Stickers

    Micrography in the

    Aquatic World

    Switch between Lenses

    Hi-Mag / Lo-Mag

    Motivate Students
    Creating WOW Moments

    Share the wonder of the microscopic world

    Recommended by School Teachers and STEM Educators

    (Don't forget to check out their Instagram accounts/websites!)

    6th Grade Science Teacher

    Josie Bensko

    Watch Full Review Video

    Recommended by

    Science Lessons That Rock

    See Full Review

    Simplify the Process of Exciting Observations

    Designated Focal Plane

    Get clear photomicrographs instantly

    Safety Glass

    Durable and safe for kids to handle

    Intuitive Scanning

    No more inverted images. Locate your sample on where you're going

    Lab-Grade resolution

    Comparable to a Professional Desktop Microscope!

    Collecting Album

    Collect, observe and store samples, and make your own collection with Sample Stickers.

    A Must Have for
    K-12 Science Education

    for your Hybrid/Distance/In-Person classroom

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    for classes / workshops

    Classroom Kit

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