Microscope Lab: Chemical Reactions (Lab, Student Handout, Answer Key)

Microscope Lab: Chemical Reactions (Lab, Student Handout, Answer Key)


The purpose of this lab is to observe three chemical reactions using the uHandy Microscope- Teacher's Kit and a projector/document camera. Each chemical reaction will show three different chemical change indicators as well as microscope understanding of the reaction. Students will complete the attached handout to record their observations, complete an analysis, and draw conclusions. Students will see two single replacement reactions and one double displacement reaction.


  1. Engage students in observing chemical reactions and looking for the chemical indicators.
  2. Observe chemical reactions on a microscale level to see the process is not instantaneous, but time consuming.
  3. Explore the interactions between ions in double and single replacement reactions.

Equipment and Materials

  • uHandy Mobile Microscope - Teacher’s kit
  • Phone or tablet
  • Droppers (1 for each solution)
  • 5 mL 0.10 M sodium iodide
  • 5 mL 0.050 M lead (II) nitrate
  • 5 mL 0.20 M copper (II) sulfate
  • 5 mL Dilute acetic acid (1:4)
  • Magnesium strip
  • Aluminum foil
  • Sand paper

Preview of the Teaching Resources

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  1. Lesson/Lab Activity

  2. Student Handout

  3. Answer Key/Teacher's Note

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Thank you to Ms. Rogers of Neshannock Junior/Senior High School for creating this inspiring teaching resource.

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